The Space Law Review: Thailand

Although Thailand has not yet enacted a centralized law governing Space related activities, it does have agencies and regulations that touch upon a variety of Space related matters, such as, for example, the rescue of astronauts, the use of space-related technologies, and international cooperation. The most central is the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (“GISTDA”). The GISTDA is a government agency assigned by the Cabinet to manage space affairs and activities. Still, it does not establish a centralized, comprehensive policy and regulation. In addition, although a centralized law has not been enacted, Thailand has a presence in Space, such as satellites for telecommunication and exploration of natural resources. In addition, various agencies have been established or will be installed that are responsible for satellite-related affairs—for example, the GISTDA and National Space Policy Committee (“NSPC”).

Attorneys John P. Formichella, Naytiwut Jamallsawat and Onnicha Khongthon, utilizing their knowledge and experience in the telecommunications and technology sector, expand upon Thailand’s approach to regulating Space related in the 3rd edition of the Space Law Review for The Law Reviews.

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