Data Center
By John Formichella and Naytiwut Jamallsawat November 2023 With changes in Thailand’s law and policy on foreign satellites, and political and legal issues involving restrictions on the export of computer chips for artificial intelligence (for more information please see Thailand’s current AI policy), there is increased interest in building and operating data centers in Thailand....
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Satellite in space with earth in the background
The telecommunications market in Thailand has liberalized since the passage of the Telecommunications Business Act (TBA) of 2001 (see Thailand’s Telecommunications Business Act). Before 2001, the telecommunications sector in Thailand operated under a concession structure whereby an operator would build, transfer, and operate networks under a specific period with the Government of Thailand.
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Space Law Review Award
Although Thailand has not yet enacted a centralized law governing Space related activities, it does have agencies and regulations that touch upon a variety of Space related matters, such as, for example, the rescue of astronauts, the use of space-related technologies, and international cooperation. The most central is the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (“GISTDA”). The...
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Cell towers in Thailand
As technology and telecommunications continue to converge at blinding speed, other sectors are joining the party with equally breathtaking acceleration. An example is the automotive sector, wherein the automotive sector converges with the telecommunications and technology sectors.
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