Data Center
By John Formichella and Naytiwut Jamallsawat November 2023 With changes in Thailand’s law and policy on foreign satellites, and political and legal issues involving restrictions on the export of computer chips for artificial intelligence (for more information please see Thailand’s current AI policy), there is increased interest in building and operating data centers in Thailand....
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Satellite in space with earth in the background
The telecommunications market in Thailand has liberalized since the passage of the Telecommunications Business Act (TBA) of 2001 (see Thailand’s Telecommunications Business Act). Before 2001, the telecommunications sector in Thailand operated under a concession structure whereby an operator would build, transfer, and operate networks under a specific period with the Government of Thailand.
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Cloud Services & Telecommunication Licensing
The primary reason is there is, in fact, a cloud service license requirement from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) in Thailand.
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Criminal Defamation Litigation in Thailand M.L. Numlapyos Sritawat Formichella & Sritawat
Defamation is something that almost everyone could encounter in Thailand. In this regard, many defamation cases are prosecuted and litigated yearly in Thailand. Indeed, legal commenters regularly comment (and opine) that defamation lawsuits are often intended as a form of strike suits or lawfare.
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Robot Finger AI
The laws and regulations related to AI in Thailand are insufficient, which may pose challenges for parties in the event of an AI-related dispute that goes to court.
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ecommerce in Thailand overview
Under Section 3 of the DMA, direct marketing means directly communicating an offer of a good and service to a customer to obtain the customer's responsibility to purchase such a good and service. Therefore, SMS/MMS Marketing can certainly be regarded as direct marketing.
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e commerce Thailand
April 2023 Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, refers to the Internet-based buying and selling of services and products via electronic means. E-Commerce uses Internet technology, mobile business, electronic funds transfers, escrowing services, electronic data interchange, supply chain management, inventory management systems, Internet marketing, data collection systems, and many other technologies and innovative business systems. Most, if...
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E-Sig in Thailand
The eCommerce market in Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing and most promising, with its projection to grow to $11 billion in 2025. According to the Electronic Transactions Development Agency, in 2017, the total eCommerce market in Thailand was estimated at $2 billion.
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egulatory Oversight of Digital Service Platforms_Thailand (March 2023)
Regulatory Oversight of Digital Service Platforms in Thailand
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