Space Law Review: Thailand – Introduction to the national legal, regulatory and policy framework

John P Formichella, Naytiwut Jamallsawat and Onnicha Khongthon
Formichella & Sritawat Attorneys at Law
05 January 2023

Thailand has not enacted a comprehensive national space law for the regulation of space affairs and activities in support of its space sector in accordance with international principles prescribed by the United Nations (UN). Such activities include the registration of space objects, and the management of and assistance with accidents in space. However, Thailand has agencies that deal with such matters, the most significant of which is the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA), a government agency assigned by the Cabinet of Thailand (the Cabinet) to manage space affairs and activities. The GISTDA does not oversee or establish centralized, comprehensive policies and regulations.

Despite this limitation, Thailand has a presence in space with its own satellites for telecommunications and the exploration of natural resources. In addition, various agencies have been (or will be) established that are responsible for satellite-related affairs – for example, the GISTDA and the National Space Policy Committee (NSPC).

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